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When it comes to weddings , nobody does it better. We realize the significance of this event and what it means to your family, therefore we want to be certain the wedding couple is treated like a star. They is the center of attention throughout the event and encouraged to take part in all our routines and production numbers. Just consider us, "The Best Supporting Cast You'll Ever Have".

So you finally set the date for the big event – your wedding. You remember that the last wedding you attended had live music at the ceremony, for dinner & cocktails and for dance music at the reception. Upon arrival, you knew right away that something special was happening. There was electricity in the air. Live music has that effect on people. It’s the intangible that ties all the senses together. Now it’s your turn to stage a wedding and, without question, you have decided to include live music. You want to show your guests that you have stepped up to the plate and made a conscious decision to make your wedding day unforgettable. Ceremony and Dinner & Cocktail Music Once your wedding date has been booked, it’s never too early to begin looking for performers that will create the appropriate mood for your special day. Like other event vendors, the good ones get booked early – some over a year in advance. For the ceremony and dinner & cocktail music, you want musicians whose volume is just below the level of conversation. You don’t want rock stars, you want ambiance! You must decide the following:

Name of contact person: Ideal DJ's
Address : 100 E. Linton Blvd. Ste 126b  DELRAY BEACH, FL   33483
Email : DJ@idealidos.com
Website : http://www.idealidos.com/
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