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While white is traditional, to carry only white flowers down the aisle foretells bad luck for the superstitious. White flowers are traditional for funeral arrangements, and so the bouquet must be mixed with another color. Adding another color also pleases the eye aesthetically, as pure white flowers would blend in with the traditional wedding gown. Adding another color, for luck, also makes the flowers stand out in stark contrast to the gown, and highlights the beauty of the bride.

Traditionally, herbs or edible flowers are often placed within the bridal bouquet as well. Marigolds, an edible flower known to symbolize constancy and endurance are often included in a bridal bouquet as are roses because they symbolize eternal love. Orchids and Calla Lilies are two other very popular choices for bridal bouquets, although not necessarily together. They are unique and add a personalized ├┐touch to the happy couple's special day. Exotic flowers may be a bit tricky to keep fresh throughout the day, but they definitely make a statement. After the ceremony, the bride tosses her bouquet to one of her bridesmaids or single friends. Legend has it that this woman will be the next to marry. The bride is symbolically tossing away her single-hood, and at the same time, bestowing good luck in love upon the recipient. In recent years, brides have begun to have a second or ?toss? bouquet, which they throw to the lucky friend, thereby allowing the bride herself to keep the actual bouquet she carried in the wedding as an heirloom or souvenir. Sometimes the toss bouquet is made of silk flowers and, increasingly, brides are choosing silk wedding flowers since their appearance is so lifelike. The bride's bouquet, and the flowers carried by her attendants, set much of the tone for the wedding. The bridal flowers are a personal choice and a statement by the bride about the woman she is and the physical representation of all her wedding dreams come true.

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